Cryotoning is a new term for facials with one of the newest methods in cryotherapy. Originally, cryotherapy was used, not only for dermatology but also for others like physiotherapy.

Cryotoning | Carbonic acid in the aesthetics

With physiology and biology, the natural effects of the respiratory gas carbon dioxide can be specifically used in the aesthetics. The Carbon CO2 therapy, also called Carboxy therapy, belongs to the Mesotherapies.

Effect on the skin from the inside - a cure or a shot

Mit diese Methode es nämlich tatsächlich möglich sein, nach kürzester Zeit um Jahre jünger auszusehen. Mittels eines Luftstroms die CO2 wird auf die Haut aufgebracht.

Eine Kombination aus Wirkstoffen ist hierbei auch möglich.

Die FrozenC Carboxytherapy (shortly Carboxy) can be applied as a single shot as well as repeatedly as a cure as optional anti-aging treatments.
As a single treatment, the so-called  Carboxy therapy as a Shot may be taken a few hours before an event (e.g., wedding).
The Carboxy therapy can be used for treatment of the face, décolleté, arms and hands.

After only 5 minutes CO2 Treatment looks fresher and wrinkle-free.

The Carboxy therapy as a treatment at the begining is done for 2 to 3 times a week for 2 weeks.

To achieve a long lasting effect, at least 5 sessions are necessary.
The effect usually lasts until about 6 months.

Studies shows that the formation of collagen fibers by the multiple treatments with COis enhanced.

Frozen C Carboxytherapie - Handstück


This procedure is an innovative way of eliminating skin problems and actively supporting the regeneration of skin cells.

intensives Spray


By rapidly cooling the skin, cryotherapy reduces stress and promotes sustainable collagen formation.



This innovative method improves skin quality and restores the softness and smoothness of the skin.

Echtzeit Hauttemperaturanzeige


The temperature of the skin is monitored in real time. The device regulates the temperature of the liquid CO2 in small steps and has an automatic switch-off to ensure that no skin damage occurs.



This stimulates the skin receptors and thus stimulates the healing process.

Entzündungshemmend, unterdrückt die Sebumsekretion


This simple procedure makes it possible, e.g. kill the bacteria and thus help to improve the appearance of the skin and the structure of the skin.

Pickel Akne Hemmung


Very effective method of suppressing sebum secretion and killing bacteria.


Your clients can come to your practice during their lunch break and have the treatment done. If you widen these a bit, it will take you about 20 minutes to get up to half an hour maximum. You can go back completely relaxed and very lifted in the operated again.

It is very important that there are also quick treatments.

Carboxytherapie in der Medizin

Die Anwendung von sog. Quellgas, wird seit mehr als 100 Jahren praktiziert. Das Quellgas COwird im naturheilkundlichen Sinne eingesetzt.

Der Mensch ist so jung wie seine Haut. Aber, so alt wie seine Blutgefäße. Dies wird besonders an spröder werdender Haut und einfallendem Gesichtsfett sichtbar.

Dieser Jungbrunnen-Effekt ist durch eine temporäre Volumenzunahme gealterter Gesichtspartien zu erklären. Grundsätzlich ist eine gute Hautdurchblutung sehr wichtig für effektive Anti-Aging – Behandlungen.

The mechanism

Eine einmalige Carboxybehandlung des Gesichts ist eine sofort verjüngende kosmetische Gesichtsbehandlung.

schritt1 Carboxytherapie

Step I

Spraying with -78°C (-108,4°F) liquid CO2 on the treatment area

schritt2 Carboxytherapie

Step II

Ultra lowering of the skin temperature

schritt3 Carboxytherapie

Step III

Regulation of sebum secretion

schritt4 Carboxytherapie

Step IV

Support of skin regeneration

Carboxytherapy CO2 Lifting as beauty - a non-invasive treatment

The FrozenC The FrozenC sprays the aesthetically effective, very cold CO Beauty Gas with active ingredient along the facial contours and insuffles it under the skin. The uptake by the tissue fluid takes a few minutes. The immediately visible effect lasts for several days. Many users have noted positive changes to their skin, even after several weeks, in terms of stabilization.

100% nature - NO ``disfigured`` mask

The carboxy therapy: agents and the CO Beauty Gas is absorbed within a few minutes and immediately starts its effect. Subtle volume effects have positive aesthetic effects, but no rigid or unanatomical deformations.

Collagen production

After several hours, the musculature punctures and the body’s own collagen is formed.


The treatment is painless!
Patients only report a slight tingling sensation on the skin. They feel fresh and revitalized  immediately after treatment.

Basically, the Cryotoning is suitable for every woman and of course every man.

frozenC co2lifting skin control


The effect of CO2-Lifting carboxytherapy

During a carboxytherapy treatment, swelling under the eyes may decrease. If found appropriate, a minimum of 5 carboxy treatments should be performed.

The effects of carboxytherapy on the flow of lymph are triggered by the behavior of the gas in the insufflation area. There are also observed positive effects on congestion phenomena in the face.

In the same session of a carboxy treatment, skin and wrinkles are simultaniously treated.


Body treatments

Skin rejuvenation of décolleté, arms and hands

Not only in the face, but also in the area of ​​the décolleté, the arms and hands, the skin becomes thinner with age. An aesthetics – treatment of these regions should always be done as a series. In the applications, good effects on thin skin were observed when done over several weeks.

Following an initial carboxy cure, maintenance treatments may be performed several months apart, making the treated areas appear fresher in most cases.

Stretchmarks - Dehnungsstreifen

Schnelles Wachstum unter Einfluss von hohen Östrogenspiegeln hinterlässt im Bereich von Brüsten, Armen, Flanken und Oberschenkeln ungeliebte Dehnungsstreifen.

Carboxytherapy on stretch marks

The general skin reaction to the insufflation of CO on scars, can be perceived particularly clearly in the area of ​​stretch marks. The scarred skin cracks become narrower and less noticeable. The very thin skin in the area of ​​the scarred cracks can become stronger and more stable after several treatments. As a possible cause an induced collagen regeneration is discussed.
At least 5 sessions are recommended.


How do I look immediately after treatment?

After the cosmetic carboxy Co2Lifting Treatment radiates your skin fresh and invigorated.

Does the treatment hurt?

No, when the aesthetic gas is applied to the skin with pressure, very cold and fogged, you only feel a slight tingle.

Are there any side effects?

When used correctly, the carboxytherapy has no side effects. It is a natural process with the body’s own metabolite carbon dioxide.

How does the treatment work?

The skin is cleaned at the treatment sites. Pretreatments such as dermabrasion or light peelings can further enhance the effect of the CO2Lifting Therapy.

A special antifreeze the skin is applied to prevent frostbite. The liquid CO2 gas is applied to the skin with pressure, very cold and fogged. The treatment lasts up to 5 minutes. Then a moisturizer is applied. You can pursue your daily activities immediately.

There is evidence from scientific studies that the CO drug component is pressed under the skin and thus passed directly to the target tissue. The immediate resulting reaction of the gas in combination with the active ingredients is clearly visible after a few minutes after the treatment.

How many treatments are useful?

There are one-time, multiple or – to preserve – lasting applications useful. A one-time carboxy treatment, also known as carboxy-shot, can be used before a special event where you want to look your best. For skin firming treatments, five to eight treatments should be done in series. Tightening measures should be implemented every six months.

How long does the effect last?

The short-term effect on the visible skin tone and the immediate reduction of wrinkles is visible and felt for several days. A not directly visible, but tissue-effective treatment success can build on the experience over several weeks as part of a treatment.

How much does the carboxytherapy cost?

Depending on the effort and treatment protocol, the costs also depend on your skin type. Simply arrange a personal consultation. Just ask your doctor or beautician.

Your benefits at a glance

Fast treatment with amazing results

The FrozenC treatment takes about 5 minutes, with immediate improvement often already after the very first session.

leichte Bedienung

The FrozenC has a built-in touch-disply that is easy and understandable to use. In addition, the handpiece has an on / off button.

Safe product & safe treatment

The gas container meets worldwide safety standards.
The FrozenC has a real-time monitoring sensor to keep an overview of the skin temperature. The system stops if the critical phase is reached or if the cold temperature is much too low and can damage the skin.

High patient comfort

With the FrozenC COLifting method, the handpiece is moved continuously over the treatment surface, thus gradually establishing cold in the target area.

No side effects

FrozenC stimulates blood circulation, the skin cell regeneration, and has no side effects – neither pain, nor wounds or a changed feeling in the skin. Your patients can return to their usual activities immediately after treatment.

100% natural product!.

High efficiency

The specially developed gas bottle allows to treat a high number of patients.
Fair acquisition costs and manageable treatment costs speak for it.

unit Frozen C Carboxytherapie

Expand your treatment spectrum with FrozenC!

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